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Web Handling and Converting

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Whether you make, convert or use webs; you must know web handling. Find out how to:

  • Eliminate wrinkles, baggy webs and apply effective spreading
  • Eliminate winding defects
  • Design and maintain web machinery, especially rollers
  • Design and maintain control systems for tension, nip, guiding and more
  • Design web products and processes for more reliable manufacturing
  • Troubleshoot a variety of web, web handling and converting issues
  • Understand why the web world does what it does

Find out why more than 3,000 students have signed up for this premier instruction.

Comments from past classroom attendees:

"David presents this topic and goes beyond the book and relates to real problems and his hands on experience. Good job!"

"This was a great coordinated and well instructed course with Dr. Roisum and I will use a lot of what I learned in the future"

"Reviewing specific defects, causes and options was invaluable. The general expectation when returning from training is to make "application" level use of the topics. Your review helps in this regard"

"Great class! I am new to the industry and this really helped"

Course Instructor

Dr. David Roisum of Finishing Technologies is a well-known authority in web handling and converting. He has authored eight books and more than 100 papers and articles such as his monthly Web Works column in Converting magazine. His background includes a variety of web manufacturing and converting experiences. An accomplished professional speaker and instructor, he is noted for his skill in translating highly technical information into a common sense, practical reference.

Course Outline

Web Handling

  • Introduction to Web Handling - What is Web Handling?
  • Roller Introduction - Foundations of Web Handling
  • Roller Traction, Slip & Float - Foundations of Web Handling
  • Roller Rules - Foundations of Web Machines
  • Tension Control - Foundations of Web Handling
  • Drives - Strategies for Global Tension Control
  • Nip Mechanics - Nip Load Quality Control
  • Nip Applications - Nips for Web Handling and Processing
  • Wrinkling - Keeping the Web Flat


  • Spreading
  • Guides - Controlling the Path of a Web
  • Slitting - Cutting Cleanly and Reliably
  • Winding - Introduction

Who should take this course?

This class is targeted toward the technical person responsible for most any type of web machine. However, many other positions can also benefit such as lead operators, foreman, managers, mechanical and electrical maintenance, Q/A and customer service. The only prerequisite is a bit of technical aptitude and enough job experience to be familiar with the names for the: parts of your machines, basic functions and common web/roll defects.

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