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Adhesion and Adhesives for Converters
This course unites all these aspects by looking at the forces that hold things together (surface energy, chemical adhesion, "nail adhesion", entanglement), the forces that separate them (vertical pull and horizontal crack propagation), the extra effects that dissipate those separating forces and therefore enhance adhesion and the things that undermine adhesion in the long term.
Prof. Steven Abbott
Drives for Web Handling and Converting
Web Handling including Winders are among the most complex of drive applications. In this new course learn about the importance of tension control to winding quality rolls. There are a number of options available for tension control.
Clarence Klassen P.E.
Optimizing Extrusion-Based Lamination and Coating Technology
This intermediate level course in the operation, optimization, and design of extrusion lamination and coating processes focuses on improving existing extrusion lamination and coating equipment.
Dr. Eldridge M. Mount
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition onto Flexible Substrates
This course is aimed at providing a rounded view of most aspects of roll-to-roll vacuum coating.
Dr. Charles A. Bishop
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings onto Flexible Substrates
The aim of this course is to give a wide appreciation of vacuum deposited barrier coatings and what critical factors affect the coatings and how the coatings need to be integrated with other materials. This course compliments the Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition course.
Dr. Charles A. Bishop
Solution Preparation and Mixing
This course discusses unit operations and equipment typically used in the fluid preparation process to mix, purify, and transport coating solutions to the applicator.
Dr. Kenneth McCarthy
Web Coating and Drying (Europe)
This course will provide the technical tools required to develop new products and optimize conditions for current products.
Prof. Harvey Thompson Prof. Nik Kapur
Web Coating and Drying (USA)
This course will provide the technical tools required to develop new products and optimize conditions for current products.
Dr. Edward D. Cohen Dr. Ted Lightfoot Steve Zagar P.E.
Web Handling and Converting
This course concentrates on the elements of web handling that are common to most coating and converting operations.
Dr. David Roisum
Web Slitting Technology
This course presents various web slitting methods and technical information intended to expand attendee understanding of the slitting process. Details of knife operating forces and their influence on flexible webs, knives and knife holders will be presented. Knife metallurgy and adhesive slitting options will be discussed as well.
David Rumson
Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurements
This course encompasses the must-know areas of winding including unwinds, slitters, spreaders, and roll handling.
Dr. David Roisum

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